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Warps & Wormholes

Where is Pluto?  

Where is Pluto? is a fun, exciting adventure
through our Solar System. Be the first GOO cadet
to collect 9 different planets including a strange,
distant, icy world called Pluto to become the
Super Spacey, Solar System Hero!  Wibble,
Dibble & Splattt have returned to our Solar
System after their last visit only to discover
that Pluto is missing among the planets.


Pluto would normally be seen near the edge of our
Solar System but being small, it’s very hard to find. It also
has lost its title as a major planet and is now only a dwarf planet.
Wibble, Dibble & Splattt think that Pluto may be small but it’s still very
important. Help them finally find Pluto and place it once again among the
important planets of our Solar System.


Available on a limited basis.


Contact us directly for ordering details.

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