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Where is One?

What Can You
Do With GOO?

We are proud to introduce our first book starring those lovable space aliens, Wibble, Dibble & Splattt.

Each page offers your children a unique opportunity to learn their numbers from 1 to 10. In "Where is One?", this curious galactic trio will teach young GOO Cadets under 6, the wonders of numbers while exploring our strange and interesting solar system and world. Where is One? is a fun, imaginative adventure that your children will love.

Who Are They?

Wibble, Dibble & Splattt are three lovable aliens searching the universe for signs of intelligent life and fun. They live at the center of the galaxy, just beyond the distant Befuddle Nebula but well within the outer reaches of your children's wildest imagination. Living on the planet Globulous, they learn about new life forms every day. Wibble, Dibble & Splattt are fascinated by the languages and the customs of other life forms.

As space cadets of GOO (Globular Outerworld Organization), their assignment is to learn all they can about a strange planet named Earth.

GOO's motto: "We make knowledge stick!"

More Wibble, Dibble and Splattt books are currently in production and will be coming soon so check back often for new details.

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