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Where is One?

What Can You
Do With GOO?

Storytime has gone galactic! Enjoy the adventures of Wibble, Dibble & Splattt as they travel the galaxy looking for intelligent and creative signs of life.


Our new children’s book series will inspire and motivate young minds to look to the stars.  Geared towards Earthlings under 6, your young Goo Cadets will love getting to know these three spacey aliens and all of their friends from beyond the Befuddle Nebula.


Wibble, Dibble & Splattt’s new books:
"Where is One?"

"What Can You Do With GOO?"
are available now through Amazon.

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Where is One? is part of the GOOcommand Brand. Look for the GOOcommand Brand logo for our exciting, inspirational and educational products. We have a bright, spacey future planned and we hope you're a part of it.

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