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Wibble, Dibble & Splattt and GOOcommand are produced by Notion Dynamics, a proud American company.

Our Mission
At Notion Dynamics we have a strong commitment to family educational entertainment. Our goal is to educate, entertain and inspire while creating a wonderful atmosphere where children can develop in a wholesome way. We have a strong belief in God and country and this faith filters through everything we do.

We want teachers and parents to know that you can count on us to be a light of truth and value in an uncertain world. We will always do our best to uphold these principles for you and your children.

in 2003 Douglas Tocco created a promotional poster for a children's book about space called Meet the Gizmos. A small overlooked detail in the poster was a pair of cute space aliens peaking out from a moon crater. Over the following years he developed stories about them for his children and continued to refine the characters. In 2010 the space odyssey began. Notion Dynamics took on the task of creating an entire line of educational products based on those simple characters. Wibble, Dibble & Splattt as a brand was born.

What's Next?
Notion Dynamics will continue to expand the offering of Wibble, Dibble & Splattt by developing challenging books, board games, puzzles, video games and films all with the same spirited sense of adventure for which we have always been known.

For more information about Notion Dynamics please visit our corporate web site.

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